PyHPS documentation 0.8.0#

Ansys HPC Platform Services (HPS) is a set of technology components designed to help you manage the execution of simulations while making use of your full range of computing assets.

PyHPS brings HPS to your Python app. Wrapping around HPS REST APIs, PyHPS allows you to:

  • Create projects and modify existing ones.

  • Monitor and manage jobs.

  • Run your own design exploration algorithms.

  • Retrieve simulation results.

Getting started

Learn how to install and start using PyHPS.

User guide

Understand the basics of how to interact with HPS.

API reference

Understand the PyHPS API, its capabilities, and how to interact with it programmatically.


Explore examples that show how to use PyHPS to submit jobs.


Learn how to contribute to the PyHPS codebase or documentation.