Getting started#

This section describes how to install PyHPS in user mode. If you are interested in contributing to PyHPS, see Contribute for information on installing in developer mode.


You must have pip and Python 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, or 3.12 installed.

  1. To see if a Python 3.x version is installed and available from your command line, run this command:

    python --version
  2. If you do not have a Python 3.x version installed, install the latest 3.x version from the Python organization’s Downloads page.

  3. To see if you have pip installed, run this command:

    pip --version
  4. If you do not have pip installed, see Installing Packages in the Python Packaging User Guide.

  5. To ensure that you have the latest version of pip, run this command:

    python -m pip install -U pip


To install PyHPS in user mode, run this command:

python -m pip install ansys-hps-client


PyHPS requires these packages as dependencies: